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Re: Stong is not Strong (was Which Strong is late"?)

Yup; can't read in addition to can't remember words, probably related.

Moreover, until I was about 25 I thought taut was spelled and pronounced
taunt (homophones?) Not only prematurely deaf, but also vocabularily



Brian Whatcott wrote:

Let me bolster your understanding, bc:
The Scientific American contributor who raised
Amateur Scientist column to international repute for excellence
was named C.L. Stong - no r included.

Brian W

At 12:57 PM 8/15/2004, you wrote:

not certain C. L. Strong is the late lamented ....

bc, who's been confused by two Strongs ... in the past.

Brian Whatcott wrote:

BC, you left me confused...
are you referring to John Strong, or C.L Stong?

You wrote earlier:
"I found it: Yes (sand) August 68 [C. L. Strong]
Koths used the "Edgerton" method."


At 11:38 PM 8/14/2004, bc, you wrote:

Not certain, but don't think so. John was at Cal Tech (Author of
Procedures in Exptl. Phys. and Classical Optics, both fine books that I
have.) C. L. hosted the Amateur Scientist (Sci. Am) for some time.

At 12:53 PM 8/13/2004, BC, you wrote:

Some time ago (fifties or sixties?) Sci. Am. had an article
on stone skipping, including I think, on sand. //
I found it: Yes (sand) August 68 [C. L. Strong]
Koths used the "Edgerton" method.

That would be the late, lamented Professor Stong, I expect.
Brian Whatcott Altus OK Eureka!