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FCI and MBT: Spanish,German,Chinese,French,Russian, etc.

Thinking of giving the Force Concept Inventory (FCI) pretest? Do you have
foreign exchange students? or English language learners?

You can download the Force Concept Inventory (FCI -- updated version: 1995)
in English, Spanish, German, Malaysian, and Chinese at our web site:
<>. Click on "Research and Evaluation".
Or go directly to:

They are password-protected. To get the password, e-mail me or Larry Dukerich:

You can download the Mechanics Baseline Test (MBT) in English, Spanish,
German, and Malaysian at the same place. Same password.

Links for getting the French, Swedish, Turkish, Finnish, and Russian FCI
are at our web site.

Links for getting the Turkish and Finnish MBT are at our web site.
Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson, Co-Director, Modeling Instruction Program
Box 871504, Dept.of Physics & Astronomy,ASU,Tempe,AZ 85287
480-965-8438/fax:965-7331 <>
"Scientists explore the physical world for REPRODUCIBLE
PATTERNS, which they represent by MODELS and organize
into THEORIES according to LAWS." - David Hestenes