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Re: Recruiting Science / Physics Students

Bob LaMontagne <rlamont@POSTOFFICE.PROVIDENCE.EDU> wrote:

"...Would "Billy T" introduce him/herself to the group, or
could anyone who knows the author shed some light on his/her background? ..."

I know Billy T and the two other authors, so I will reply but keep it brief as I doubt many are interested:

Dark Visitor appears to have three collaborating authors, Billy T, a Ph.D. historian, being the primary one and the sole author of the first four historical chapters. He also rewrote chapters 5 & 6, which were contributed by George about climate mechanisms. (George worked for NOAA and has a Ph.D. in climatology.) Jack, is the astronomer who’s careful observations of Pluto led him to predict the trajectory of the approaching dark visitor. He was Billy T’s roommate at Harvard and a Ph.D. candidate, but had to leave early with only a masters degree when his father died. After a year of managing the large South-American cattle ranch he inherited, he sold it and built his own observatory high in the Andes Mountains. Billy T only lightly edited Jack’s six chapters and the three appendices, that constitute the more technical section of the book. Jack was (and still is) too busy looking along his predicted trajectory for "wiggling stars" that may indicate the dark visitor is passing nearly
in front of them. (Gravitational lens effects) Thus he asked his friend, Billy T, to assemble his reports and George’s climatic analysis into a book to warn the general public that a new ice age is beginning in 2008. Why milder winters and colder summers in Earth’s post-dark-visitor orbit will cause a new ice age is explained in a new graphical page that was just put up yesterday at

I know all three authors well because I have been living with them for half a year, but in fact none of these three exists. Fifty year’s ago this September, I entered a special five-year engineering physics program at Cornell, which no longer exists, then got a Ph.D in physics at Johns Hopkins University. I went from there to the JHU’s Applied Physics Laboratory. I retired and moved to Brazil in July of 1994. I published few papers as most of my work was classified, but for the last 15 years I have been studying how the mind works. If any one is interested in the "free-will" problem, I have a published solution that permits free will and yet is consistent with classical deterministic physics. (Reality, Perception, and Simulation: a Plausible Theory - Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp154-163) You can request a copy from and see a photo of me with more biographical infro. Half sincerely – Dr. W. R. Powell

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