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[rete] History of Physics / Science Museums meeting in Paris

Thinking you may possibly find this Paris meeting interesting,
I am relaying it to you, from the RETE interest list


Brian Whatcott Altus OK

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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 14:18:17 +0100
From: Jim Bennett <>
Subject: [rete] History of Physics / Science Museums meeting in Paris

This information is maintained and updated at

A one-day meeting on the history of physics will take place on Saturday
18 September in ESPCI, rue Vauquelin Paris, in the heart of the Latin
Quarter, redolent with the memory of many historic physicists. The
relevant boards of both the Institute of Physics (London) and the
European Physical Society will participate. Distinguished speakers will
address the main themes: science museums and outreach and the life of
Néel and 20th C materials science, particularly in France.

On Sunday afternoon there will be opportunities to join one or more
groups to make informal visits or tours in Paris, relating to history of

There is no charge for this meeting, and all are welcome, subject to a
simple registration procedures: email to, with “Paris
History Conference” as subject.

It is hoped that it will create a precedent for further joint meetings of
these and other committees throughout Europe. Suggestions may be sent to
the above email address.

There are many hotels (typically 3-star, 110 euro) in the area,
particularly along rue Monge. Preliminary enquiries have indicated that
they may be busy at this time, so participants are advised to book early.
But in case of difficulty, hotels further away are easily reached by
metro from this central location in Paris 5. Here are some suggestions of
nearby hotels:
Hotel St Christophe (Rue Lacepède, near Place Monge). Hotel Monge, Hotel
des Nations St Germain (on rue Monge also), Hotel des Grandes Ecoles
(near Place Monge, Hotel de Senlis (nearer to Luxembourg metro), Hotel
des Alliees (very basic, inexpensive, very near ESPCI).

Depending on precisely where you stay, the RER train will take you from
CDG airport to St Michel in three quarters of an hour. There you may
transfer to metro lines to Cardinal Lemoine, Place Monge or Censier
Daubenton (nearest to ESPCI),or just walk 15 minutes from St Michel or
go on to Luxembourg and walk down towards rue Monge etc, or go on to Port
Royal for Hotel des Alliees.

We are most grateful to ESPCI for facilitating this meeting. During the
meeting we will use and learn about their new Espace des Sciences, a
specially designed centre for outreach activities, to be formally opened
later in the year.
Entente Cordiale Scientifique

A Joint Open Meeting of the IOP and EPS Committees for the History of Physics

Paris 18th September 2004

Saturday 18

Location: ESPCI, rue Vauquelin, Paris 5

945 hr Welcome D Weaire


1000 hr E Guyon (Paris) The role of science museums
1040 hr N Brown (London) Science museums

1110 hr Coffee Break

1130 hr J Treiner (Paris) History of Physics in Education
1200 hr D Hoffmann (Berlin) Einstein and 2005

1240 hr Lunch Break

NEEL and the French tradition in magnetism and materials

1400 hr M Coey (Dublin) Louis Néel’s Life and Times
1440 hr R Cahn (Cambridge) Physics and Materials: a confluence?
1610 hr Tea Break

1630 hr O Darrigol (Paris)
1710 hr Closing discussion
1730 hr Close

Sunday 19th

10000 Committee Meetings, venues to be decided

1400 hr Walking tours, museum visits…

Brian Whatcott Altus OK Eureka!