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Re: advection

At 10:45 6/12/01 -0400, Carl Mungan wrote:
"Advection" - haven't heard that word in so long I've forgotten it.
What is the difference between "advection" and "convection" in their
technical meanings?
Carl E. Mungan, Asst. Prof. of Physics 410-293-6680 (O) -3729 (F)
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There are several usages visible on the net: vorticity advection,
temperature advection and advection fog among them.
Particularly in this last mentioned case, the idea of horizontal
motion is prominent. Here is a definition from a met primer:

"Advection The horizontal transfer of air mass properties
by the velocity field of the atmosphere."
from <>

This concurs with Uvarov and Isaacs' Dictionary of Science.

Pilots know advection fog as a warm moist wind blowing gently across a
relatively cooler landmass. They understand radiation fog as provoked by
radiative cooling of the landmass via a clear sky.

brian whatcott <> Altus OK