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Re: knowledge +- $$$

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From: John S. Denker
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 6:54 AM
3) Money, however, does tell us something. Being highly paid is an
indication -- a rough indication -- that somebody thinks you are working on
an important problem.

The word important may have different meanings to different people so let me
put my 2 cents worth into the discussion.

In my experience in industry, being highly paid is an indication that you
are considered to be someone with unique skills/knowledge/ability who
clearly has contributed, contributes or will likely contribute to the
acquisition of significant revenues and profits for a company. Being highly
paid is not an indication that you worked hard in college and got good
grades, although there may be a strong correlation.

There are many physicists at General Atomics who are working on very
important problems such as plasma confinement/fusion energy research, but
they are not nearly as highly paid as those who are working on less
important problems that bring in significant revenues and profits to the

Larry Woolf
General Atomics