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Re: A request for input

Let me say, however, that the method of compiling TPT is not
particularly compatible with presenting an on-line archival journal
as is done with Phys Rev or Phys Rev Letters, so it is not likely
that just making TPT an e-zine clone of the print version is probably
not too likely, but this gives us an opportunity to perhaps do some
things with it on line that aren't or can't be done with the print
version. So let the ideas flow.

Please reply off-list. I will compile any replies and bring them up
at the meeting.

Hugh: Sorry to reply on-list (this last post omitted your private email),
but I'd like to suggest something like
might serve as an example of what a limited electronic extract version of
THE PHYSICS TEACHER could look like, distributed via the PSRC

Dan M

Dan MacIsaac, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Northern AZ Univ PHYS-L list owner