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A request for input

I have been asked to serve on an advisory group for the AAPT,
concerning how they should structure their Web services. I will be on
a subgroup specifically concerned with what an on-line version of TPT
might involve. I have a few ideas on this, but it occured to me that
the membership of Phys-L, being a pretty good cross-section of the
physics community might also have some ideas that would bear airing
in this group. Our first meeting will occur on June 18, so if you
have any thoughts about what you would like to see regarding TPT on
line--what features of the magazine should be offered both in print
and on line, or maybe some service related to TPT that would be part
of the on-line offering only or part of the print offering only, or
any other idea you may have about how TPT can be made to better serve
the needs of its readership by offering on-line services. I won't
offer my ideas at this point in order to keep from prejudicing your

Let me say, however, that the method of compiling TPT is not
particularly compatible with presenting an on-line archival journal
as is done with Phys Rev or Phys Rev Letters, so it is not likely
that just making TPT an e-zine clone of the print version is probably
not too likely, but this gives us an opportunity to perhaps do some
things with it on line that aren't or can't be done with the print
version. So let the ideas flow.

Please reply off-list. I will compile any replies and bring them up
at the meeting.

There are no guarantees that all or even any of your suggestions will
be implemeted, but I will represent them as best I can at the
meeting. Send your ideas to either address below.