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Re: Pulleys (Spanish rig?)

At 12:30 PM -0500 2/27/01, Charles R. Crook, you wrote about Re:
Pulleys (Spanish rig?):


Are you possibly thinking of a posting by Donald Simanek, describing
the Spanish
Burton? I found that interesting and saved a copy, which I'll paste in below.
It's easy to delete if this is not what you wanted.

Charles Crook

Thanks a BUNCH. That was EXACTLY what I was trying to dredge
up. I suppose I just didn't quite hit the right search criterion in
the archives.

This is much more effective than using the same number of pulleys in
the block & tackle arrangement. I join Donald in wondering why the
block & tackle gets so much more 'press'.

(well, the amount of 'headroom' that it requires IS greater than for the B&T.)

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