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Re: Moon Landing Hoax

At 18:09 2/24/01 -0400, you wrote:
How do you prove anything?
I am not sure I could prove the Civil War took place?
I'm fairly certain it did.
The same for any other historical event.
There are a number of groups that say the Holocaust
didn't take place.

Hmmm... the US Civil War?

Was the war period reported in newspapers and journals of numerous
foreign countries in different languages?
Did foreign countries show step changes in weapons exports to US?
Was there physical evidence recoverable from alleged battle sites?
Did the national mortality and birth rates show correlated changes
for the period in review?
What did the production rates for bone saws, scalpels and hemostats
Was there collateral art, poetry and photography depicting
likely scenes?
Are there traces of folk memories of the period?

These are much the same factors that accreditate the LEM landing.

As to the Holocaust, I take it this is a reference to the mass
destruction of Jews by gassing and burning.

In WWII, Millions of people were killed. We killed a major
enemy civilian population at the end with one bomb for instance.
So the outrage is not with mass-killing: it is with mass destruction
of identifiable ethnic groups of one's own people.
The US certainly strayed far less down this horrendous path:
the identifiable group that met our hostility were American citizens
of Japanese extraction: they were confined, but not as far as I know,
The same kinds of evidence that remind us how we treated Americans
of Japanese extraction, also confirm the outline of the
Final Solution.

brian whatcott <> Altus OK