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Re: Taste: Microwave Heating vs Boiling

Leigh, et al,

My Revere tea kettle is exactly the one shown on the top right of the web
page referenced below. Believe me, it is copper bottomed all the way
through. Since the web page had an e-mail address for questions, I just
sent them an e-mail and asked why the tea kettle is made that way. We'll
see if they respond.

Michael D. Edmiston, Ph.D. Phone/voice-mail: 419-358-3270
Professor of Chemistry & Physics FAX: 419-358-3323
Chairman, Science Department E-Mail
Bluffton College
280 West College Avenue
Bluffton, OH 45817

Leigh said, in part...

According to
These are stainless steel teakettles. Copper is toxic, and I can't
imagine why the company, having mastered the secret of bonding copper
to stainless, would make a solid copper bottom.