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Re: Pulleys (Spanish rig?)

At 18:49 2/18/01 -0500, Chuck wrote:
Some YEARS ago Leigh Palmer posted an ascii sketch of an unusual
arrangement of pulleys.

I BELIEVE that he referred to it as some 'Spanish' variant of the
more usual block and tackle.

Anyway you could dredge it up again, Leigh?

My mail from those years is on another machine.
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I recall what a pleasant thing it was to search the PHYS-L archive
at Prof Hake's urging, which helped turn up a comparable experience
to my acoustic grating 'whistler' experience in a country road.

So now it is my pleasure to offer a reminder of the easily searched
resource this archive provides.


(Search the archive: use 'canoe' for the keyword.)

"...This problem is interesting. It involves simple mechanics and spatial
relations. It would make a challenging high school mechanics problem.

The rig may be seen at


The pdf is still in place.

brian whatcott <> Altus OK