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Re: Taste: Microwave Heating vs Boiling

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Andy Dougherty wrote:

Superheating and spercooling are extremely sensitive to impurities, be

Yes, and that's what makes the Mpemba Effect controversial: it's not a
trivial matter to show that it isn't just an artifact. There's a good
article about it in SciAm THE AMATEUR SCIENTIST, Sept 1977. I have the CDROM here, and the article gives these references:

COOL? E. B. Mpemba and D. G. Osborne in Physics Education, VOI. 4, NO.
3, pages 172-175; May, 1969.

THE FREEZING OF HOT AND COLD WATER. G. S. Kell in American Journal of
Physics, Vol. 37, NO. 5, pages 564-565; May, 1969.

COOLER? Ian Firth in Physics Education, Vol. 6, NO. 1, pages 32-41;
January, 1971.

COOLER-LOWER DOWN. Eric Deeson in Physics Education, Vol. 6, NO. 1,
pages 42-44 January, 1971.

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