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Re: [Fwd: LAO Report: Improving Academic Preparation For Higher Education]

Many students arrive at public colleges in California
unprepared for college-level courses.

I have heard this complaint in Ohio too.
As a high school teacher, my question is why do colleges
accept such students. I remember way back when I had
to take entrance exam to get into the college of my choice.
As long as colleges accept unprepared students, they will
continue to get unprepared students. I have lot of
students come back and tell me my course is a lot harder
than what they took in college (of course there are a lot of
reasons why this could be)
Tim O'Donnell
Instructor of Physics and Chemistry
Celina High School
715 East Wayne Street
Celina, Ohio 45822
(419) 586-8300 Ext 1200 or 1201

"Chance only favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur