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Interactive Engagements for Quantum Mechanics courses

The Physics Education Research Group at K-State is currently in the process
of developing "Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics (AVQM)", a set of hands-on
interactive engagements designed for use in upper-level undergraduate
quantum mechanics courses. These materials are based on the highly
successful Visual Quantum Mechanics materials that have been developed by
the group for teaching quantum mechanics in a variety of courses over the
last 10 years.

Several AVQM interactive engagements are now ready for field testing in your

quantum mechanics courses. These materials are designed to suppliment your
regular teaching materials and to help the students gain better conceptual
understanding of various topics in quantum mechanics and connect that
conceptual understanding to the (sometimes difficult) mathematics of quantum


You can find the AVQM materials (and all of the other VQM materials) at
<>. New materials are continually being added to
this site as they are completed. You can also send any questions to me at


Wally Axmann
K-State PERG

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