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Re: Conference Sharing Session

On Mon, 05 Feb 2001 09:37:43 -0400 Tim O'Donnell
<odonnt@CELINA.K12.OH.US> writes:
I am conducting a sharing session for physics teachers at
our annual state science convention. My rational is that
in many schools (like mine) there is only one physics
teacher and there is no one to talk to about ideas, etc.
This listserve has been very helpful, but I still like face to
face communication (probably just my age, not quite 50).
Is there anything people on this list would like me to
communicate to other isolated physics teachers?
Tim O'Donnell

Tell them to join the AAPT, attend their
local and national conventions, and be
an active member. Bring some applications to
join the AAPT with you at your convention
and have teachers send in their applications
right away. They will automatically
receive copies of The Physics Teacher journal
and greatly benefit their teaching therein.