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Monthly Technical Posting for PHYS-L

PHYS-L is a list dedicated to physics and the teaching of physics with
over 675 members from over 35 countries, the majority of whom are physics
educators. Traffic varies from zero to sixty messages/day with an average
of about ten per day. All postings are archived. Noninflammatory,
professional and courteous postings intended to inform members on how to
better understand, teach and learn physics are always welcome.

In particular, we appreciate postings that make PHYS-L a friendly and open
community for ALL members.

Technical information regarding the scope and intents of PHYS-L,
subscribing to, unsubscribing, suspending, and DIGEST-ifying PHYS-L;
finding PHYS-L member homepages, searching past years postings to PHYS-L
and much more is available at the list homepage:

Email me if you have problems (after checking the web page, please).

Dan M

Dan MacIsaac, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Northern AZ Univ PHYS-L list owner