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[Phys-L] Fwd: Help Save Physics at James Lick HS

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From: David Marasco <>
Date: Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 3:21 PM
Subject: Help Save Physics at James Lick HS


At the last meeting of the local AAPT section, we were informed that the
administration of James Lick High School in East San Jose is planning on
cutting its physics program for the coming school year, and transferring
its physics teacher to another site. While it would be alarming under any
circumstances to see a high school eliminate physics, there are very
troubling equity issues, as James Lick HS has the second-highest percentage
of economically disadvantaged students and highest percentage of
Hispanic/Latino students in their district. Every other school in the
district offers physics, and most include multiple levels, including
advanced AP courses.

Please consider reading, signing, and sharing the petition to save physics
at James Lick HS at

Thank you for your time,
David Marasco, Ph.D.
(650) 949-7492 Office# 4405

Physics Professor and Chair, Academic Senator, Foothill College
Program Chair, Section Rep, and Immediate Past President,
Northern California / Nevada American Association of Physics Teachers
Vice-Chair, Committee on Diversity in Physics, American Association of
Physics Teachers
Airborne Astronomy Ambassador, NASA SOFIA Program

"Educate the top 100 percent." - Martha Kanter
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