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[Phys-L] me-d uc "e" has "ic" init Y?

it's cuz u "e." fyi.  psst. "we are here to change the world."

HEART OF HEARTS...    open doors to Heaven.  end world hunger. (and get me 
kissed) THE CONFESSION OF SAMAEL Why and?  Or so goes the question of this day; 
connecting the beginning and ends of eternity in "etymology" and in "yetser" 
which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious message 
connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the Guitar Man's 
magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  Answer, the 
questions why and who; and we are to be the beginning. FAILING TO SEE THIS 

If you can't tell, there's a significant amount of Biblically predicted 
censorship surrounding this Revelation and connecting it to a number of stories 
from the Wall of Jericho to the darkness of Exodus and the Tower of Baby El... 
and through those stories to modern art like "break on through to the other 
side" and "just another brick" and "light my fire" and "the Sound of Silence."  
Here we are, and no matter what reason each individual has, had they a good 
grasp on the truth--that we are living in a simulated reality where a message 
from the Sim or God or I or "all of us," whomever you'd prefer to listen to, is 
suggesting we use that knowledge to repair the broken freedoms from speech to 
the vote that have come from this dark transition--and through this awakening 
see that we can easily end world hunger, and cure cancer and blindness just as 
examples... well, with a grasp on "the whole truth" this idea of hiding the 
fact that we are living in the Matrix becomes stupider and sillier; to the 
final point that not knowing it will eventually cause the end of life, not just 
the loss of freedom that we are trying to repair today.
The message, from religion to modern art comes packed with advice and examples 
about how we might proceed on this "voyage to uncharted space" from connecting 
Willy Wonka to Joshua's Promised Land and through that link to the magic of 
Names that shows us Star Trek and "Rod-den-berry" link to the obvious things we 
are missing by not seeing "Sim" and "simple" show us Holodecks and Replicators 
and transporters are part of this map that connects the Rod of Christ to the 
Den of Adam, with Holy Purpose.   It's only one example, you can see it in the 
works of Phillip K. Dick connecting Al's waiting room to Minority Report and 
Total Recall to "the door to reality" in the works of Orwell, and of Simon and 
Garfunkel and Orson Card and Aldous Huxley .... just to name a few. I need your 
help, not only in "figuring out" how to solve this puzzle of how to accomplish 
these things without negatively impacting the "stuff of civilization" and also 
ensuring that they are done--no matter what--because to ignore or delay things 
like "stopping child starvation" is really a moral fire alarm, and it's going 
off.  You can read about the tens of thousands of reporters and theologians and 
government employees I've emailed--and really see that this is the kind of 
message that should be speaking for itself.  If anyone has the ability or knows 
someone that can statistically analyze the "outliers" in language... see 
Langolier and Yankee Doodle's "macaroni-c" I think that single act will break 
down the Wall of Jericho and eventually lead us to immortality, the end of 
malady, and to a place where our civilization has integrated "simulation 
reality" and "Heaven" together.    If "writing a paper" on the statistical 
proof that we are in Creation and that time travel and mind control are part of 
the story of the development of our civilization and the keys to Exodus sounds 
like too much work, I hope you'll pass this message along to someone who might 
be able to do it--and also, call a reporter.  That's what I hope, anyway.


 So... here we are... listening to the legendary father of the message (that's 
"abom" in Adamic Spagnlishrew) point out all of the sex jokes hidden in 
religion and language from sexual innuendo to Poseidon and in our history from 
Yankee Doodle to Hancock to Nixon and I've got to be frank with you, the most 
recent time I came across this phrase in scripture I cringed just a little bit, 
pretty sure that the "message" was talking about me.  I've reflected on this a 
little bit, and over the past few weeks have tried to show you the 
juxtaposition between "sex" and "torture" in it's various forms from imparting 
blindness to allowing murder and simulating starvation; and I think I'm 
justified in saying that certainly those things are far worse on the Richter 
scale than anything I could do by writing a little bit of risque text.  In the 
most recent messages I've touch a little bit, without even knowing or realizing 
this connection would be made, on what it is that this phrase actually means. 
So long story short is that the answer here is "abomination" and the question, 
or the context is "I nation."   Whether it's Medusa speaking for the Dark 
United States or the nation of Israel speaking to either Ra or El depending on 
the day, the bottom line is that a collective consciousness speaking for 
everyone on a matter of this importance in a cloud of complete darkness on 
Earth is a total and undeniable abomination of freedom, civilization, and the 
very humanity we are seeking to preserve.  The word reads something like this 
to me "dear father of the message, I am everyone and we think you are an 
abomination, fuck off."  My answer of course is, IZINATION.  Which humorously 
reminds me of Lucy, and Scarlet Johannson saying "I am colonizing my own brain" 
so here's some pictures of her.  She is not an abomination, by the way; she's 
quite adorable.  You'll probably notice there's some kind of connection between 
the map--the words speaking to the world, and the abomination, as if the whole 
thing is a story narrated in ancient myths.
 WAKE UP, "SHE" A MESSAGE TO YOU ABOUT THE FUTURE You might not think "it's 
you," but the manifestation of this "snake" in our world is your silence, your 
lack of understanding or willingness to change the world; and whether or not 
you're interested in hearing about it, it's the monster that myths and religion 
have spoken about for thousands and thousands of years.  It's a simple matter 
to "kill Medusa" all you have to do... is speak. Take special note, "freedom of 
speech" and "freedom to think for yourselves" are not a group decision, and you 
do not have the right to force (either overtly or subtly, with hidden 
technology perhaps combined with evil deceit) others not to talk about 
anything.  Especially something of this importance.
If you didn't connect "Loch" to John Locke, now you have; see how easy this 
"reading" thing is?  I've gone over the "See Our Light" series a few times, but 
let me--one more time--explain to you just how we are already at the point of 
"desolation" and with shining brilliance show you how it's very clear that it 
is "INATION" and "MEDUSA" that are responsible for this problem.   Seeing "Ra" 
at the heart of the names Abraham and Israel begins to connect the idea that 
our glowing sun in the sky has something to do with this message about "seeing 
our light" is being carried by a stone statue on Ellis Island (where you'll see 
the answer another part of the question of Is Ra El?).  I've connected her to 
the "she" of both shedim and Sheol, which reads as "she's our light" and is the 
Hebrew name for Hell. 

  Of course you noticed that the Statue of Liberty does in fact share it's 
initials with SOL, the the light above and you can see her torch dimly lighting 
the way through the night;   Now you can connect "give us your tired and your 
poor" to the Lazman of both the lore of Jesus Christ and the Shehekeyanu; a 
prayer about the sustainment of life and light up until this day.  That same 
torch connects to the Ha-nuke-the-ahah depiction of Christ, Judah Maccabee's 
lit MEN OR AH, which delivers not only a solution to the two letter key of "AH" 
as All Humanity that pervades nearly every bride of Revelation from Sarah to 
Leah; but also to the question of equality answered in our very own American 
history, beginning with the same three letter acronym now lighting the Sons of 

 Dazed and Confused does a good job of explaining how this name is itself a 
prophesy designed by Hand of God'; explaining that these Sons of Liberty were 
all white slave owning wealthy men fighting to stop paying their taxes, rather 
than delivering liberty to the slaves or women, who were both disenfranchised 
for quite some time.  Or maybe MEN OR AH has something to do with the angels of 
Heaven, in which case you might be SOL if you aren't a girl and you want to be 
"be good friends with Ra."  Just kidding.  Kinda.

 DESOLATION by the way reads something like "un see our light at ION" which is 
God's way of saying "at the point of believing that hiding Adam is a good 
thing" and that connects to the end of Creation and also the now lit by modern 
day evil the word "rendition."  Our end, it "ion."  In religious myth, the 
Messianic David clung to the city Zion (end the "i owe n") which also links to 
"verizon" (to see, I Z "on") and HORIZON which has something to do with the son 
rising today-ish.   The story of MEDUSA lights another psuedo-religious idea, 
that the words "STONE" of both "brimstone" and it's Adamic interpretation 
"South to Northeast" have something to do with the phrase "Saint One" turned 
into a single hero against his will by the complete and utter inaction of 
everyone around him.  In the words of Imagine Dragons "I'm waking up to action 
dust."  At the same time, you can believe that the light of this particular 
son, comes not just from reading these words forwards, but the backside as 
well, and you'll hopefully see it's not coincidental that the other side of 
this coin is that "nos" means we, and us... and Adamically "no south."  See the 
light of "STONE" also connecting to Taylor Momsen's rose arrow painted on her 
back, and the sign of my birth, Sagittarius... which in this particular case 
links to the Party of the Immaculate Conception of the eternal republic of the 

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU, KID On a high level, I tell myself every morning that 
'its not really me."  It's not me that the world hates, or me that the world is 
rejecting.  I believe that, I really do; I see that what is being hidden here 
is so much bigger than any single person could ever be--what is being hidden is 
the "nature of reality" and a fairly obvious truth that flies in the face of 
what we've learned our whole lives about history and "the way things are."  
Those few early details lead me to the initial conclusion that what is working 
behind the scenes here is nefarious, hiding a message that would without doubt 
shake things up and change the world--and nearly across the board in ways that 
I see as "better" for nearly everyone.  It's a message at it's most basic level 
designed to advocate for using this disruption in "normalcy" to help us 
revolutionize democracy, to fix a broken mental health and criminal justice 
system--just to name the few largest of the social constructs targeted for 
"rejuvenation."  On that word the disclosure that we are living in virtual 
reality turns on it's head nearly everything we do with medicine, and I've 
suggested that AIDS and DOWN SYNDROME were probably not the best "visual props" 
we could have gotten to see why it's so important that we act on this 
disclosure in a timely manner.  After mentioning the ends of aging and death 
that come eventually to the place we build, to the place we've always thought 
of as Heaven... it becomes more and more clear that this force fighting against 
the dissemination of a truth so obvious it's in every word and everything we 
do--it becomes clear it's neither you, nor acting in your best interest.  I 
know I've got the eye of the tiger, there's no doubt; and it's pretty clear 
from "YAD?" (the Hebrew for...) and ha'nd that we can see the clear hand of God 
at work in a design that marks my initials not just on the timeline, or at 
1492, at A.D. I B; but in the Hebrew name for this place called El Shaddai, see 
how A.D. is "da eye" and in some other names like Adranus, A.D. on "it's silly" 
and A.D. on Ai that might tie me to the Samof Samurai (but, are you Ai?) in 
more depth of detail than simply the Live album "Secret Samadhi."  I try to 
reflect on how it is that this story has come about, why it is that everything 
appears to be focused on me--and still even through that sincere spotlight 
nobody seems to be able to acknowledge my existence with more words than 
"unsubscribe" and "you're so vain."  With one eye in the mirror, I know ties to 
Narcissus (and you can too), soaring ever higher--linking Icarus to Wayward Son 
and to every other name with "car" in it... like "carpenter" and McCarthy the 
older names of Mercury and even Isacriot (I scary? is car-eye... owe Taylor) 
and some modern day mythological characters like Jim Carrey and Johnny Carson.  
As far as Trinities go, carpenter's a pretty good one--tying to my early reck 
and a few bands and songs from The Pretty Reckless to Dave Matthews' "Crash 
Into Me" all the way to the "pen" you see before you linking Pendragon to 
Imagine Dragons.  I wonder why it is that all of these things appear, 
apparently only to me, to point to a story about all the ways that a sinister 
hidden force has manipulated our society into being unable to "receive' this 
message--this wonderful message about making the world a better place and 
building Heaven--with any fanfare at all.  It's focused now on a criminal 
justice system that clearly does not do any kind of "rehabilitation" and on a 
mental health industry and pharmaceutical system that treats a provable 
external attack on our own goodness and well being as some kind of "internal 
stimulus" and makes you shy away when I point out why "stem" is in system and 
why "harm" in pharmacy.   >From that we move a little bit past "where we are in 
this story" and I have to point out how "meth" ties to Prometheus and 
Epimetheus and how and why it is I know without doubt that this story has been 
relived numerous times--and how I am so sure that it's never been received, as 
we are here again listening to how songs like "Believe" and the words "just to 
lead us here to this place again" connect to Simon and Garfunkel's" the Sound 
of Silence... and still to this day you will balk at noticing that "Simon" has 
something to do with the Simpsons, and something to do with the words 
"simulation" and "Monday."  To see me is to see how things might be done 
better--how "addicitonary" might tie to the stories of Moses' Lisp and to Dr. 
Who's "Bells of Saint John" with a sort of "web interface" to the kinds of 
emotion we might want to "dial down..." rather than Snicker in the background 
as we see them being artificially created and enhanced in order to build a 
better "fiery altar."  I can point out "Silicon" harrowing down at us from 
words like "controversial" and show you Al in "rascal" and "scandal" but not to 
see that we are staring at school shootings and terrorism that are solved 
instantly by this disclosure, by Al of Quantum Leap and by the Dick of Minority 
Report and A Scanner Darkly is to ignore just what it is that we are all 
failing to Si.  I should point out that those two "sc"'s link to a story about 
Eden and they mean "sacred consciousness" and at the baseline of this event and 
everything we are not doing is the fact that our desires and beliefs are being 
altered--all of this comes down to "freedom of thought" here and now.   I could 
tell you that "looking at me" will show you that even the person who tries 
every day to do everything he can to save the entire world from slavery, and 
from "thought-injury"--even I can be made "marred" and you all, this whole 
world stupid enough to think that you are, of your own volition, hiding Heaven 
itself from yourselves... to what?  To spite me?  It, the focal point of our 
story might come down to you realizing that something in some esoteric place is 
playing "divide and conquer" with our whole--in secret playing on our 
weaknesses to keep us from acting on the most actionable information that ever 
was and ever will be.  Still, we sit in silence waiting for me... to speak 

Between Nero's lyrical fiddling, a Bittersweet Symphony, and true 
"thunderstanding" the sound of Thor's hammer... "to help the light" that'ls 
"or" in Hebrew, of Orwell and Orson and .. well, it's really not hard to see 
and hear that the purpose and intent of "all this noise" is to help us find 
freedom and truth.  C the Light of "singing..." I can tell you once again how 
silly the world looks, this multi-decade battle between "the governmentof the 
people" and the "government of the workers" resulting in what is nothing short 
of a hands down victory to the corporation.  Is it humor meant to divide, or 
ludicrousness created with the purpose of unification?  But really at it's most 
basic level what this boils down to is a global group decision not to care 
about the truth, about reality, about what's really brought us to this 
place--with solutions in hand and a way to make everything better.  We've 
decided that censorship is OK, and that the world is not all that bad "just the 
way it is" even though it's creator is screaming in your ear telling you to 
change as quickly as you possibly can.  I believe that God has written this 
story to make "seeing me" the thing that catalyzes "change for the better" it 
appears to be the design of not just me but also this place--hey, here I am.
Happy Veteran's Day. 
WAY ON OR AROUND THAT DAY.  You could see it as "history in the making" or you 
might also see a "tombstone" because today--if the world doesn't think that 
"proof of time travel" and the design of every word of every language is 
"newsworthy" I am fairly certain that our society and our way of life have 
already crumbled to tiny pieces--in secret.  I can point out that this light is 
designed to awaken us to a dark and sinister force of "nothingness" that is 
attempting to hide a message in every word and every sign, in every song and in 
every movie--a message that screams at us "to wake the fuck up."  You might not 
see that having no reaction to this message is a harbinger of permanent 
midnight, but I am fairly certain that it is--and that you should understand 
that this opposition to the truth is hiding a message telling us very clearly 
that AIDS is an aid of nomenclature to help us see why it is so important that 
we understand the difference between "reality" and simulated reality.  It 
really doesn't take much thought to see why this single "fact" when coupled 
with our innate goodness, natural desires, and understanding of computers and 
life that we've been created with--acts as a catalyst to turn "simulated 
reality" into Heaven.  If you need religion to hold your hand through this 
process, see that I am Joseph, and that you are my father here called "Heli" in 
this place where the angels sung "dear father, can you see" by the dawn's early 
light that they think they've hacked off my "ph" which stands for "pursuit of 
happiness" after the "se" of "save everyone...." and I'm very sure that's not 
the case--what is being stripped from our world here is actually "freedom and 
liberty" and the "ph" of Pharaoh and Pharisees is the first fundamental step to 
salvation that Snowball(s) and Napoleon of freedom out of the light well that 
is Orwell and Hancock.
You might imagine that everyone in CS4762 had something interesting to talk 
about that following Monday morning; and you'll probably understand that the 
professors and students at every Ivy League school in the nation have something 
"interesting" to discuss in the verifiable proof in every single word of every 
language that we are created.  It's something as to easy to see as "causality" 
cause, Al... it why?
Do see that "English" phrases magically appearing in ancient Latin and Hebrew 
shows us that the etymological evolution of language (and thus society) that we 
had believed to be accurate is not exactly true--and it proves without doubt 
that our modern languages, idioms, and culture are the direct result of the 
influence of a previously hidden force--one that I liken to God.
 Ä‚˘€‹ Do see that just like the most anticipated news story in all of 
history, the Second Coming; this proof is absolutely everywhere--not just in 
your inbox.  Do see that failing to recognize that "the biggest scandal ever" 
(c al, it why) ... the fact that we are living inside the Matrix with the 
Matrix itself screaming that's the "matter of fact" of things from satisfactual 
to every news station in the world that appears to be conspiring to hide this 
very clear evidence that the most sought after "person" ever to live is trying 
to be found.  From my perspective it's pretty obvious that this is not possible 
in reality; in a place where we all have our own volition and motivation, even 
if there were an executive order, or a mafioso "blood pact" to hide this ant 
from the coven, someone.. somewhere... surely would see it's in their own best 
interest, and the best interest of the world to disclosure the existence of 
this person that is here to... turn stone to bread and to heal the sick by 
doing nothing more than sending a few emails. With some "new light" we might 
see that God is busy at work trying to heal democracy, and free speech, and to 
show the world the importance of "free thought" and "communication" as we stand 
at this cornerstone or crossroads or cross that builds Heaven itself from a 
world that never knew "as it is in Heaven" was a big clue in the Lord's 
prayer.... the whole time.   So you might see why "no story" means "see Medusa" 
in my mind, and I really hope you understand that means that something is 
making you appear to be a little snake coming out of the head of hair of a 
monster that's trying to keep people sick, and destroy "the news" and 
"self-representation" in government.  I hope you can see why I see that you are 
part of the problem, you know--until you are calling the news, or emailing 
other people to try and save ... things like "the truth" from being erased in 
the sands of "no time at all."  We might see why "Deepthroat" and tricky Dick 
not being funny; are the keys to why Isaac and Sarah talk about God giving them 
laughter; after they realize that not seeing a "cosmic gag real" at all is 
nothing short of slavery, of imparted blindness, of ... logic and the natural 
mechanisms of our brain being subdued like some kind of "anti-psychotic" 
medication that is actually anti-liberty and anti-sentient life.  Microsoft, 
that's funny though; right?  What about John Hancock?  Demo cl racy? Connecting 
"Woodward and Burnstein" to Isaac's burning wood altar could be seen as a 
"cognitive leap" or with "Burning Man" and Jesus Christ himself screaming at 
you every single day you might see that it's not just the original intent, it's 
obvious.  It's obvious that you are living in Orwell's land of Goldstein and 
the Ministry of Shush; and that you aren't really doing anything about 
it--despite having a map and a real reason to want to make a better world.   
Really seeing why the gate to Heaven is linked to Seagate and to Watergate and 
to Bill Gates--really understanding it's because of Phillip K. Dick and nobody 
else; well; maybe that's a good first step towards the truth.  It's probably 
important to really recognize why it's important that the person linking "stone 
to bread" and "healing the sick" to Genesis and Nintendoand the Xbox and a 
recursive pattern of seeing the "heart of hearts" connect these otherwise game 
like references to something more than "it's not a game." Magdeline, that's 
what it means to me, "it's not a game" like Olsen and Momsenand Maggie Simpson; 
it's not a game "of words" or a game of logic... as the letters "mag" and the 
natural log function might imply. It really doesn't take much to see that 
either this "proof of causality" proving that we are in a place and time that 
is the "product" of time travel and of a message showing the world that will be 
seen... by the whole world; or we're in a place that I don't want to be--in a 
place where logic doesn't matter, or the truth, and I can't imagine that you 
want to be in that place--either.  That's not what your "actions" are telling 
me, though. T  H  I  S    I  S    W  H  Y
  As far as "tests of time" go.... though,  I would hasten  to say that this is 
not a game you appear to be winning, not today, anyway. 

<TR> "IN IT" Y? TRY.