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Re: [Phys-l] Mike Mann _The hockey stick and the climate wars_

Thank you. Actually I tend to agree with JD about climate science, it is on
educational issues that we sometimes part ways. I read many things and
perhaps I see correlations where others do not. But I think the information
on the Pew Forum pages can be quite revealing about social trends and
society. My interests run to education, psychology, sociology, and all of
the sciences. I am several miles wide, and sometimes more than an inch

My last message was trying to make clear the experiences that have gone into
my perceptions about what is happening in the public sphere. But as I bite
my tongue, or rather my fingers when I read some of the nonsensical
responses to reasonable articles about scientific topics in online
newspapers. Here we can have sharp exchanges, but at least we can sometimes
convince each other. But on some topics, never.

So when I read that early signs of possible Autism is evident at 6 months in
brain scans, I immediately begin to wonder if anything will be done about
it, and if there is anything that can be done. But seeing how educational
deficiencies are seldom remedied, I am pessimistic. Actually I am not
surprised by the finding. Meanwhile there are still parents who are risking
fatal illness in their children by omitting vaccinations because of fear
induced by a faulty Autism study, which was quickly repudiated.

Perhaps my quick shifting of ideas is a partial ADD, but it is also due to
my tendency to make far connections rather than sticking to immediate
connections. The connection to the last paragraph is through the mention of
psychology, and it is a recent article. By mentioning it I am also helping
to make the information more permanent. Also within this is my dismay at
how people do not bother to research things and just come up with cherry
picked data.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

just to clarify... the quoted message from me on the bottom
of John Clement's message below was
directed at John Denker. - David Marx