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Re: [Phys-l] radiation

On 2012, Feb 02, , at 17:12, ludwik kowalski wrote:

About 20 years ago I did what is suggested Mike, together with a
colleague from the Biology department. Someone brought him dry
mushrooms from eastern Poland. They were collected about hundreds of
miles from Chernoble. We put them on top of the NaI crystal and waited
about 5 minutes. This was enough to produce the well formed Cs-137 peak.

Among the mushrooms, the most effective according to:

The other :

And in the news:

For those (including bc) who lack an apprehension of Bk's, the 6kBk/kg is ~ 1.6 microCi/kg -- the exempt quantity for a sealed source is 10 microCi:

When the stepfather of my neighbor heard the story he suggested I do
the same for dry mushrooms he had; they were gather in New Jersey, one
year earlier. And guess what? After waiting 5 minutes, at nearly the
geometry, we saw the Cs-137 peak again. But it was one third the size.
I suppose the entire world was contaminated in 1960's by atomic bomb
tested in the atmosphere.


bc has a pkg. (from costco) of dried banana chips -- he's going to, also, try their mushrooms.