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Re: [Phys-l] one of my students emailed this to me this morning. anyone have any good answers?

I would highly, highly recommend anyone (we educators and scientists, our students, and anyone interested about the natural world) read C.V. Boys' "Soap Bubbles and the Forces Which Mould Them". It's short, and fascinating, and I would have _loved_ to have seen his original talks. It's available on Project Gutenberg:

"The four points of the compass be logic, knowledge, wisdom and the unknown. Some do bow in that final direction. Others advance upon it. To bow before the one is to lose sight of the three. I may submit to the unknown, but never to the unknowable." ~~Roger Zelazny, in "Lord of Light"

From: Michael Barr <>
To: Forum for Physics Educators <>
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 6:45 PM
Subject: [Phys-l] one of my students emailed this to me this morning. anyone have any good answers?

Hey all,
One of my HS students emailed this question to me this morning.  We are
studying collisions in class now so I guess this is what sparked his
curiosity.  Does anyone have a somewhat simple explanation I can give him?

"i was hoping you could help me out with something that i was curious
about. i was blowing bubbles in my cousins face while she slept and i
began to watch the bubbles. i noticed that they do one of four things
when they collide. they bump and move away, they bump and pop, they
fuse together into one super bubble or they half-fuse into this weird
siamese bubble. what is it that allows them to behave this way?"

Michael Barr

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