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Re: [Phys-l] [PHYSHARE] Darwinism under attack? plus some relevant Darwin quotes

At 03:47 PM 7/28/2008, you wrote:
OK Jack - I'll bite - How did life originate? Please explain using

Here's an outline:

Inflation, Big Bang
Quarks & Leptons
Protons & Neutrons
Hydrogen & Helium
Stars Form
Heavier Elements Form
Stars Explode, Even Heavier Elements Formed
Planets Form Around New Stars
Chemistry Becomes Important
Simple Organic Compounds
Mystery Yet To Be Explained
RNA , DNA and Single Cell Organisms
Philosophers debate if physics + chemistry + history (time for evolution) is enough to explain biology or whether something else of a scientific nature (emergent properties?) is needed.
Physicists debate whether MythBusters is science, technology or entertainment and the finer points of foil folding.
Tap_l and phys-l become evolution-l, global warming-l and recently history-l.

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