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Re: [Phys-l] [PHYSHARE] Darwinism under attack? plus some relevant Darwin quotes

I took exception to this note, attributed to jbeyer3@AOL.COM :

> After teaching physics for 26 years, I still find no use for a
> discussion on evolution! It does not impact physics or most other
> sciences for that matter. The last time evolution entered into a
> engineering solution discussion at GE or IBM or (you name the
> company) was....uh....NEVER!

Au contraire! A glance at the toolboxes in Matlab, available to
engineers at the upper reaches of GE, IBM and elsewhere,
includes such items as the Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic,
and Neural Networks, all of which owe their conception to the
wetware comparison.

Brian Whatcott Altus OK Eureka!