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Re: [Phys-l] [PHYSHARE] Darwinism under attack? plus some relevant Darwin quotes

As to the relevance of these articles to this list, one of the references
points out:

"ICR claims its Graduate School program "provides graduate-level training in
science education through an online environment, with minors in the natural
sciences that are particularly relevant to the study of origins,"
specifically biology, geology, and "astro/geophysics" (this specialty is in
quotes because there is no such category in modern science education that I
know of). In fact, the ICR Graduate School provides instruction primarily in
Young Earth Creationism and teaches its grad students the skills to
proselytize this religious doctrine to younger, innocent science students in
supposed science classrooms."

Notice that "physics" is sort of included. This means that they intend to
inject their religious philosophy into physics classes. Which subject will
they subvert? Relativity, QM, Stat Mech, certainly cosmology... Each of
these has something that they might object to.

While I seriously doubt they will become accredited, they need to be watched
and their moves need to be opposed.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

For people in your agnostic position, it would possibly be helpful to
review how
new engineering designs are produced by evaluating populations of hopeful
candidates over many generations, where the candidates which are best
suited to the explicit criterion of merit are selected for conjugal
reproduction, along with some small fraction of randomly mutated
specimens. This seems the clearest example of engineering profiting
from using evolutionary methods.

Brian W

At 11:17 PM 7/27/2008, Bob, you wrote:
Sorry Brian,

But I don't see how evolution explicitly comes in here. Our brains don't
necessarily have to work differently if they are a product of either
Evolution or Creation. I do agree with spending valuable physics
class time on physics.

Bob at PC
(Emphatically not a Creationist!)