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[Phys-l] google based lists

Yesterday I wrote:

. . . Functionally my list will be similar to physL. I think that some teachers might wish to experiment with such easy-to-create Google lists, for example, one for each class, one for all teachers in a school, etc. I will summarize my experience; this might be useful to other beginners.

How to subscribe, unsubscribe and contribute?

1) To subscribe:
*) Send an empty message to
*) Wait for the email confirmation from google (usually less than an
*) Compose the reply, as instructed, and send it.
*) That will makes you a subscriber.

2) To unsubscribe:
*) Send an empty message to
*) Wait for the email confirmation from google (usually less than an
*) Compose the reply, as instructed, and send it.
*) That will unsubscribe you.
*) You can subscribe later, if you wish.

3) Posting a message:
*) Google recognizes subscribers by their email addresses. Your
address must always be same as that under which you subscribed. This
reminder is important for people with several email acconts.
*) As usually, messages are organized into threads (also called
topics). A subscriber can either start a new topic (thread) or make a
cotribution to a topic being discussed.
*) To make a contribution to a discussed topic simply press the
"reply" button.
*) A new topic must be posted as an email message to be sent to:

Enter the name of the topic (into the subject line), compose your
message, and send it.

4) That seems to be working. In one case a person subscribed and posted a message but that message was never sent to that person. It was sent to other list subscribers. Without being able to find what was wrong, I manually unsubscribed that person and suggested she restarts. She was able to subscibe again, to post a message, and to see it being emailed to her.

How to create a google list (group) ?

1) In order to create a google group one must have a google account. People who use google mail already have such account. A google account has nothing to do with the group (list) one is creating; it allows people to do many “google things,” including creation of google groups. Subscribers to a group are not required to have a google account. But the group creator (owner, administrator) must have it.

2) Suppose wants to create a google account. Here are the steps to follow:
a) Go to
b) In the window that appears click on the “create new account.”
c) On the next window do the following:
*) enter
*) enter the desired password (minimum 8 characters)
*) confirm password
*) check the “recognize me on this computer” box.
*) specify location, such as Canada or United States
*) type the wigly characters displayed on the screen.
*) click I acccept (to create the account).

2) Suppose you want to create a group to be called xyz. Here are the steps:
a) Using browser go to
b) The page that opens will show a list to groups (lists) to which you belong.
c) Click on Create... (at the upper right corner)
d) On the page that opens do the followng:
*) xyz <-- name for the group you are creating
*) xyz <-- the first part of the group email address
*) type a brief description of your group
*) select public (for a group that is not restricted/private)

An open invitation

If you are also a person with no experience with administartaing a google list, or if you are willing to help us, then please join my practicing2 list. That would be a good place to learn from each other. Thanks in advance.

Ludwik Kowalski, a retired physics teacher
5 Horizon Road, Apt. 2702, Fort Lee, NJ, 07024, USA
Also an amateur journalist at