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[Phys-L] Re: Uh - oh hope he's only a Sunday creationist

The Los Angeles Times also omitted the first two panes.

I suspect it was a space issue, rather than a political comment. Alt=
hough one never knows....


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Subject: Re: Uh - oh hope he's only a Sunday creationist
That is possible, I suppose; more often, the explanation is one of sp=
ace, and many cartoonists include "throwaway" panels in the expectati=
on that some of their work may be edited for reasons other than conte=


Interesting. When I looked at the strip on the web, there was
something unfamiliar about it. It turns out that our local rag
omitted the first two frames. Apparently they thought the phrase
"Sunday Creationist" wouldn't go down too well with our SB majority
here in NC.


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