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Those evil CRLF characters. Was: HOT FUSION

I would gladly pay ~ $10, or more, to be free of these CRLF

Could "we" get a higher tech. server by paying for it? This would also
have the advantage of posting attachments, etc. It might require a
passwd to post, but it would be worth it.

bc who notes some posts have multiple quotes each one with successively
more evil CRLF's!

Ludwik Kowalski wrote:

On Monday, Feb 16, 2004, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

Panzers to L.!
How did you do it?
bc who found the evil =3D20 's in the most confusing places.

1) I do not know. What seems to be working fine
sometimes does not work on other occasions.
It is too bad that Phys-L is on an archaic server.
It would be great to have it on a server accepting
the rtf format and allowing other conveniences.

2) Back to the subject of this thread. Those who do
not want to deal with the concept of screening
in condensed matter might ask students "why d