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Re: motion control

On Thursday, February 12, 2004, at 01:25 PM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

Right, and I have several DC motors and cranks used to drive the Bell
Labs. "wave machines". And some stepper control boards and motors --
now to marry the two. I think I'll find the strobe first, quicker.

bc, who belatedly acknowledges JR.

p.s. Kinsler et al. (fundamentals of Acoustics) devote a chapter (ch.
2, >25pp) on the vibrating string. I'm searching for the quantitative
effect of damping on the normal modes' amplitude.

John Denker wrote:

Quoting Bernard Cleyet <anngeorg@PACBELL.NET>:

... after taking an inordinate time to determine the internal
resistance of the P/S and the impedance ** of the driver

BC is 100% correct to worry about the funky amplitude response
of this sort of driver.

But I'm not sure that doing a good job of characterizing the
driver is the optimal solution to the overall problem. So
let's take a step back and inventory our options.

a) Voice-coil ("speaker") driver: excellent control of frequency,
but questionable flatness of the amplitude-versus-frequency curve.