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Re: Opening at East Central College

That's disappointing. I was wanting yet more evidence that you are not
incompetent and are quite able to express ideas clearly. I have no
doubt that you indeed were clear about policy and grades before any
semester ever started, and I am sure you didn't misunderstand the
responses you got from your boss about the appropriateness of those
policies. Name or no name, your posts ring very true.

College students ARE adults, but it sounds like they aren't allowed to
be treated as such at that place.

I do have one question: how did you fail to learn about these problems
before you took the job? It must have been some major conspiracy of
silence to keep the details of this dysfunctional science department
secret from applicants.
(Feel free to contact me offlist.)

(former HS physics teacher who has worked in a dysfunctional science

On Thursday, February 12, 2004, at 01:46 AM, ecc job wrote:

I will make no further postings on this matter.

Keith Tipton
kctipton007 at sbcglobal dot net
kctipton at alumni dot rice dot edu
(former HS physics teacher living in Lubbock, Texas)