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Re: Ealing 3.75m air track VS Pasco tracks??

At 14:24 10/18/97 -0400, you wrote:

The Ealing tracks are now manufacured by Daedalon (See any Announcer or TPT
for their ads), and are essentially the same design as the ones you have.
They are devilishly difficult to keep aligned, although Daedalon has a
fairly simple system using a wire strung between the ends of the track just
above the spine of a glider that can be used as a guide for leveling. It's
still a difficult process, however, and only precise to within a millimeter
or so. I have recently seen a technique that may be a little easier to use,
using a sonic ranger with the output presented on a graph of velocity vs.
Hugh Haskell

This reminds me of Brian's First Law of Zero Friction Tracks:

if you can place an object on it, and it doesn't move, it's not


brian whatcott <>
Altus OK