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Re: Bad Science?

Oh, I don't know.  Just because these two lasers, having no discernable
power supplies, caused a 4 mile diameter, nearly solid nickel asteroid to
explode after a 2 second exposure, you want to question the validity of the
science?  :-)   Hey, its only entertainment (or a feeble attempt at such). 
I don't know that we've had a Sci-Fi movie since 2001 that even tried to be
true to the science (and 2001 gave up on that once in the vicinity of

> From: bob foley <foleyr@UWSTOUT.EDU>
> I was wondering if anyone else happen to be
> watching the network movie, Astroid, last night -
> in which they burst apart (in a very short time period)
> a substantial Astroid, which was 
> apparently thousands (?) of miles from Earth
> using two lasers mounted on jets, firing from
> within our atmosphere.  Unless I'm way behind
> on technology, don't we have real problems with
> energy requirements, targeting, attenuation, etc.?
> Bob Foley
> Physics Dept, UW-Stout
> Menomonie, WI