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Re: Bad Science?

Oh, I don't know. Just because these two lasers, having no discernable
power supplies, caused a 4 mile diameter, nearly solid nickel asteroid to
explode after a 2 second exposure, you want to question the validity of the
science? :-) Hey, its only entertainment (or a feeble attempt at such).
I don't know that we've had a Sci-Fi movie since 2001 that even tried to be
true to the science (and 2001 gave up on that once in the vicinity of

From: bob foley <foleyr@UWSTOUT.EDU>

I was wondering if anyone else happen to be
watching the network movie, Astroid, last night -
in which they burst apart (in a very short time period)
a substantial Astroid, which was
apparently thousands (?) of miles from Earth
using two lasers mounted on jets, firing from
within our atmosphere. Unless I'm way behind
on technology, don't we have real problems with
energy requirements, targeting, attenuation, etc.?

Bob Foley
Physics Dept, UW-Stout
Menomonie, WI