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Unorthodox request


Sorry to clutter up the listserv with politics (and this may not be totally
appropriate for the list) but if you are in a position to help me and
recognize my name as a regular (if not always coherent) contributor to the
list I'd appreciate it (PLEASE respond off list!).

I'm getting jerked around a bit by the Vice Chancellor here in my bid for
promotion to full prof. Although two committees, one campus wide, and the
dean have rated me excellent in service, teaching and research the VC
thinks I need additional letters from off campus. He told me this last
Friday and has given me till this Friday to find a letter(s). (I suspect
that this may have something to do with the fact that as faculty president
two years ago I wrote a letter to Vice President at the main campus in
support of a contested promotion/tenure case and the VP overturned the
Chancellor and VC here on this, the regional campus. I also did not support
the VCs recent bid for Chancellor.)

Part of the problem also is that I am the only physicist here, the VC (and
no one else for that matter) here knows what a publication in Phys Rev or
AJP is so there is no appreciation of what I am doing besides teaching a
full load of classes.

In any case is there anyone who has the time this week to look at an
abreviated dossier of mine (via email) and fire off a letter (by email is
ok) to my dean saying what a swell guy I am (well maybe not swell but...)?
I am not in a serious bind, I don't think the VC can block my promotion;
I'm just trying for overkill here.

Thanks (PLEASE respond off list, don't use RETURN!)


! kyle forinash 812-941-2390 !
! !
! Natural Science Division !
! Indiana University Southeast !
! New Albany, IN 47150 !
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