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Old (irreplacible?) Ealing Air Table


We have an Ealing air table that was the victim of a large falling mass
under the influence of gravity this afternoon. It now has a large hole
where a bunch of small ones should be.

Does anyone out there know if anyone still makes the large air table once
sold by Ealing? It measures about 48 inches on each side, and has a black
acrylic top. I have been unable to locate Ealing (Ealing Electro-Optics
exists, but it is a different company), though I note that one of the air
tables sold by Fisher has Ealing's name on it. The air tables sold by
Cenco, Frey, Sargent-Welch, and Leybold are different.

Alternatively, does anyone have one of the 48-inch an Ealing air tables that
they might want to sell?

Thanks for any info,

Dave Seely
Albion College