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Re: Apollo Data and Energy/Centrifugal Potential

Leigh: This is clearly an accelerated frame ( I had over looked that) and I
can see there must be centrifugal effects. I have not heard of centrifual
potential before and have not figured out how to determine it. If it is a
positive value that will help me. Can you give me further guidance?

See an introductory mechanics textbook (2nd year at our university)
such as Fowles, Barger & Olsson, or Arya. Look up "centrifugal
potential" in the index. It's in those three, and "centrifugal
barrier" is the keyword in the index of Goldstein (*not* a book we
use in second year!).

Also you
"....namely an implicitly rotating frame in which Earth and Moon are at

Is it the Earths rotation, our platform of observation, or the curved
trajectory that is the culprit, or both?

Neither. It is the corotating frame in which both Earth and Moon are
nearly stationary. The x-axis of the frame passes throught the centers
of both, with the z-axis perpendicular to the orbital plane(s).

Perhaps the Nuffield people intended for the discrepancy to be found.
It would indicate that conservation of energy is being applied in a
context in which it would not be expected to hold.