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Re: Help!!An interesting acceleration graph

Sounds like strech of your cord to me!

Oh yes! Paul's note reminded me of one other feature. I work with 4
person lab groups, partly because the technology is less expensive when one
uses 6 stations instead of 8 and partly because 4 people have better
conversations about the ideas than two. At any rate I have described the
releaser and the catcher in my previous note. Another student is the
person who runs the computer and the fourth is very important. This
applies to runs in which the force detector is mounted on the cart. The
fourth is the cable wrangler. That person has the responsibility of
managing the cable so that it neither impedes nor assists the cart and so
that it stays "out of the beam". This is accomplished by holding the cable
to the side and "staying with" the cart as it goes, not leading it nor
lagging it.


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