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Tic-Tac calorie lab...

Greetings everyone. I've been preparing for a future calorie lab
and thought I would try something new. I thought it would be kind of fun
to have the students make the distinction between calories and Calories
(kcal) by using tic-tac (breath mints). Tic-Tac claims that they have
1.5 calories on the front of their labels, but on the back label (in very
fine print) it states that the calores is are measured in 1000 cal. I
tried different types of tic-tacs and other breath mints, but I could not
get them to burn. The only thing I could make them do is melt and turn a
brownish color. Can anyone recommend as to how to measure the calories
of these breath mints? For some reason, they just won't work or I keep
eating them. :-)