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Eric Mazur's satellite broadcast:Nov.12

Below is a reminder about Eric Mazur's satellite broadcast on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

University and college physics depts. can show this broadcast to faculty
and student teaching assistants, as well as to pre-service teachers. Also,
local high school physics teachers will appreciate an invitation to view
it, since many don't have satellite capabilities. The program can be
videotaped and shown at local physics alliance meetings, too.
Jane Jackson

Eric Mazur will be giving a satellite TV
seminar, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, under their
Advanced Technology & Management Programs, this is a FREE live satellite

Eric Mazur, physics prof at Harvard.
Subject: Understanding or Memorization: Are We Teaching the Right Thing?
Tuesday Nov 12, 1996, 4-5 pm Eastern time.

It may be freely recorded for permanent use.

To register, go to the NTU home page at
and click on "Faculty Forum." Registration is important because satellite
reception information and supplemental materials will be sent prior to the

Or contact Ann-Marie Kiefer, NTU Marketing & Scheduling, via e-mail at

Or call NTU at 970-495-6425.

Jane Jackson (Prof. of Physics, Scottsdale Comm. College--on leave)
Dept.of Physics, Box 871504, Arizona State Univ.,Tempe AZ 85287-1504. (602)965-8438 FAX:965-7331
Modeling Workshop Project: