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Re: Principia


I agree with Derek. This is the authoritative English translation.
Well-documented with extensive footnotes that aided me greatly when I
read parts of it for my masters thesis. I was moved to purchase my own
copy (~$60 I think) even though the university library had ample copies
because I felt it was something I ought to have on my bookshelf. I'm
glad I did because I refer to it every so often.

"Sir Issac Newton's MATHEMATICAL PRINCIPLES of Natural Philosophy
and His System of the World"

Motte's Translation (1729)
Revised by Florian Cajori

Two Volumes

University of California Press 1934 Copyright renewed 1962

ISBN 0-520-00928-2

David J. Hamilton, Ed.D. "And gladly wolde he lerne,
Franklin HS, Portland, OR and gladly teche." Geoffrey Chaucer