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Re: Top undergrad programs at liberal arts schools?

There is a group of hight end colleges that meet occasionally at
Oberlin. On the average they generate more Ph.Ds per incoming student
than the major universities. You can probably get a copy of their latest
report from the president of Oberlin College.


On Thu, 30 May 1996, kyle
forinash wrote:


At the risk of starting a real war;

I have a friend who's high school age son is seriously bright in
math/physics, in the top 1% nationally on various tests (SAT etc.) as a
sophomore. They are looking for a smallish liberal arts type college
environment with excellent undergrad programs in physics/math/science. They
don't really seem interested in the big ultra- competative programs (which
I suppose would include Harvard, MIT etc.) but want somewhere with enough
reputation that top notch grad school programs will be an option after 4
years. Would anyone like to make suggestions?


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