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Interactive Physics and Netscape cont.

Could anybody of you help me how to directly start Interactive Physics
(IA) and run IA models using Netscape 2.0 Web browser?
We did it with Mosaic without problems.

The IA models installed on WWW server (Web Star and some
other as well) are dowloaded by
Netscape client but as soon as it is to start this application (IA)
Netscape prompts that somehting on the file is wrong or disk error.

With many other appliactions it works OK.

Thank you beforehand

Best regards


* RNDr. Stanislav Zelenda *
* Department of Physics Education *
* Faculty of Mathematics and Physics *
* Charles University *
* Ke Karlovu 3 tel: 42 2 21911418 *
* 121 16 Prague 2 fax: 42 2 21911292 *
* Czech Republic Email: *