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Re: mcats

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, David T. Marx wrote:

I completely agree with this statement. My view is that pre-med
students are taking physics for two reasons: (1) to learn physics
(mechanics,thermal physics, waves, electricity & magnetism, optics, and
modern) and, perhaps equally important, (2) how to think about the world in
approaching and solving problems. In most of their other courses, these
students are asked to memorize everything. Naturally, they will have
strong memorization skills; and they approach the physics courses hoping to
survive using those skills alone. How many of us want to go to a doctor who
has only memorized medicine and hasn't developed reasoning skills? We
shouldn't be teaching our students how to pass tests. Hopefully, we're
giving them useful skills that they can carry into all aspects of their
lives. That's what teaching any subject is about.

Emotionally, I agree, but the thinking skills won't help anyone else if
they don't get into med school

Al Clark