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Class project

Dear Phys-lers
My class is about to undertake an idependent study project. Part of this
project requires them to use the Internet as a resource. What I am looking for
are some college/university professors and/or researchers or grad ass't that
will act as email mentors. Not giving them information that they should be able
to find through library research, but acting more as an expert guide. Suggesting
avenues to explore. Maybe information not yet in print. WWW sites that might not
be hit when doing a Yahoo search. Maybe suggest someone they might contact by
email (if willing) that are currently doing research in that area.
Possible areas of study that I am suggesting for groups are: fractals
and chaos, superconductivity, special and general relativity, subatomic physics
(quarks), high energy physics, unified theory, lasers(and other radiation),
current cosmological research, fusion (current), enviromental physics,
Tentatively they must explore the following areas: connecting cons,
theories, mathematics (w/o calculus), possible technological uses (if any),
problems, scientists, countries, history.
They must present a paper to the class on their topic (working in groups
of three).
"They will not" be emailing any inquiries to the phys-l listserv.
Thank you for what ever assistance you may be able to provide. I know
that you are all very busy, if you have any interest in helping these young
people email me directly.

James E. Harris
Monadnock Regional High School
Teacher of Chemistry and Physics