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take home exams, was Re: Reading the problem

That's what honor codes are all about. They work on many campuses, IF both
the faculty and the students respect them. If the faculty members don't
trust the students, then the whole thing fails. Similarly, the students have
to trust the other students and the faculty to be looking for violations.
I've given many such closed book, take-home exams in my teaching, and it
does work. A class of ten or fifteen will hand in clearly distinct exams. If
the process fails it is the fault of the _collective_ culture at the school,
students and faculty, not of the exam. I can't give such exams where I now

This sort of take home, self paced exam really does probe what the students
know. Unfortunately, not all instructors can use them.

At 05:36 PM 3/28/96 MST, Alex Burr wrote:
If your problems take two or three days for your students to work,
how do you ensure that the work turned in is that of the student
turning in the work?

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