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Neither response, however, is appropriate to the practice of
medicine, which is essentially conservative. The dean who gave the
commencement address at my son's graduation from med school gave the
traditional warning: "Half of everything that we taught you is wrong;
we just don't know which half."
I think that it is a mistake to credit the bureaucratic office
that issues the MCAT guidelines on having formulated a specific policy
on testing. That office merely issues a list of topics to be covered.
The physics list reads as though someone merely copied the table of
contents of one of the clone physics texts.
As an aside:
When I took the LSAT in '71 or '72, the exam had portions that
were supposed to test my ability to read/recall, and to deal with novel
situations. One of the read/recall items was about a physicist with
whom I was acquainted. Part of the "novel situations test" required the
reading and interpretation of some standard aircraft instruments (which
I had learned to do in navy flight training).

"I scored the next great triumph for science myself,
to wit, how the milk gets into the cow. Both of us
had marveled over that mystery a long time. We had
followed the cows around for years - that is, in the
daytime - but had never caught them drinking fluid of
that color."
Mark Twain, Extract from Eve's