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Re: Comet Hyakutake? YES!!!!

Hello All,

Yet another satisfied comet hunter. Here in New London CT we were granted
a few hours of clear sky early last evening. By 8 pm or so the eastern
sky had cleared enough to hope. Went out around 9-9:30 and could easily spot
Arcturus and then the comet.

Naked-eye it appeared very diffuse and hazy. The horizon around here was
hazy as well so I couldn't make an estimate of the angular extent, but it
did show a central brightening. Through 10X50 binocs, it was an
impressive sight (especially after Halley and others that will remain
unnamed. Nothing will ever beat West.) with a brighter center and fuzz
sourrounding it plus a short tail. I was so excited that I ran up to the
observatory to open up and get some ccd pictures (given that this was the
first clear night in many a day to do so) but new england weather being
what it is, by the time I got the dome opened a thick cloud cover rolled in
and has been there ever since. I am hoping for some clearing tonight as
we are holding a comet party here for the public but it doesn't look good.

Does anyone have any ccd images that they have made? Anyone with clear
weather? Keep those observations coming.

-leslie brown

Leslie F. Brown, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Connecticut College
New London CT 06320