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Comet Hyakutake? YES!!!!

There must be some reward for getting up to grade student papers at 4:00
a.m. And now I know there is. I just saw the comet!! The excitement
will probably dim a bit by Intro Ast class time, but this is the first
clear night we have had for some time. When I looked where I thought it
should be so I could see where to aim my binoculars, I could not believe
it. It is a BIG patch of fuzzy light to the naked eye (even to one which
can only see at 20/60 and that with scarring on the retina due to

Well, back to grading. But I got to go out and have one more look. And
maybe I should wake some of the family up a bit early.....

Dr. Richard L. Bowman
Dept. of Physics e-mail:
Bridgewater College phone: 540-828-5441
Bridgewater, VA 22812 FAX: 540-828-5479