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Re: [Phys-L] Unknown lecture demo equipment

I gave away my old Kundt’s tubes. Yours is missing the glass tube, the oscillator, and the tuner. But you’ve got the cork dust. Some where you may have the oscillator and tuner. It’s a brass rod energize W/a cloth frictioned W/rosin (string instrument) [1] The resonance tuner is another brass rod W/a disk soldered to vary the length of the tube. Use a methacrylate tube. Now adays demonstrators use an amped oscillator and speaker. Very popular is a metal tube W/many holes; the display being the heights of the gas flames.

bc Has (had?) the bow referred by another poster. He acquired many of his ancient demo. items surplussed by UCB and UCSC, including ballistic galvo., Atwood (paper tape and pendulum), Young’s modulus, and spring oscillator using various rods and disks. Oh! and Klystrons, detectors, horns, etc.

[1] Which reminds me regret for not keeping one to try using a string instrument bow instead of the cloth. Lycopodium was the ancient indicator.

p.s. I’m very surprised JS hasn’t asked the expert: Greenslade
On 2021/Jun/04, at 09:40, John Sohl via Phys-l <> wrote:

Hi All, especially you older guys like me. A couple of us have been
completely cleaning out and reorganizing our lecture demo prep/storage