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[Phys-L] Upper Division Labs and ELN

We are in a department discussion about electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and
upper division lab work. Currently we have no policy and it is a hodgepodge
of paper notebooks, actual ELNs, and things like OneNote, Notability, or
even just a pile of Google Docs (gasp).

Our upper division curriculum is especially heavy on lab courses and we
(the upper-division lab committee) are thinking that a cohesive choice here
might be good for both students and for faculty trying to grade a mix of

1. What are other physics (or chemistry) departments doing in this
2. If you are using an ELN, do you have a preferred one and why?
3. If you are going digital but not with an *actual* ELN what are you
using? (OneNote for example.)
4. Any general thoughts? Flame wars? Advantages? Disasters? Whatever.

Our students have a mix of platforms from laptops to Macbooks to
Chromebooks, to tablets/iPads, etc. None of them are trying to do
everything on their phone, thankfully, but I could see that happening in
the future. (I know that some of my intro level students do all their
reports on their phones.)

One thing is certain: grading a mix of all different formats is misery.


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