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Re: [Phys-L] definition of spring

Anthony Lapinski <>To:PhysCc:Timothy Folkerts via Phys-lTue, Mar 23 at 6:39 PMI think you meant March 21.

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I did not associate the vernal equinox with March 21, and neither should Anthony. It can occur on the 19, 20 or 21sr of the month.
Larry Smith <>To:<>Tue, Mar 23 at 6:45 PMApparently there are various definitions (astronomical, meteorological, etc.).

My colleague thinks the definition of spring hinges on the definition of winter which he would like to define in terms of daylight or temperature:/snip/
This a reference to the meteorological seasons, which are reckoned by the hottest and coolest month in Northern latitudes, taken in 3 calendar month seasons, so that meteorological Spring begins on the 1st of the calendar month of March